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Your Solution

Our Relocation Team is trained to engage with both internal and external stakeholders to foster a smooth relocation experience that demonstrates professionalism from beginning to end.

Project Planning

Resident Advisory Services

Project Wrap Up

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Project Planning

Comprehensive, measurable, documented.

  • Conduct relocation meetings with Owners, Stakeholders, and Residents to assess, plan, and map the overall project.

  • Conduct weekly meetings to review project progress with Owners and Stakeholders to ensure all timelines are being met.

  • Record all relocation progress and costs per household on the Relocation Project Spreadsheet.

  • Maintain updated relocation files on each household including copies of all notices issued, receipts of relocation assistance cost provided, and notes of all referral and information services provided to address any resident concerns throughout the renovation process.

Project Planning

Resident Advisory Services

Resident-centric, compliant, smooth.

  • Perform needs assessments with each household to build supportive relationships and identify any households’ challenges and/or special needs to help foster a smooth relocation experience.

  • Meet one on one with each household to address any concerns regarding renovations and to connect residents with available community resources and services based on their needs.

  • Prepare and distribute regular notices advising residents of the progress of the renovation work and their protections under HUD regulations.

  • Distribute packing materials to residents and arrange for packing assistance as needed.

  • Coordinate moving services for each household for each move.

  • Provide on-site supervision of moving crews for each household.

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Residen Advisory

Comprehensive List of Available Services

  • Relocation Plan Development

  • Resident Education

  • Relocation advisory services

  • Relocation Mapping

  • Case Management

  • Onsite Moving Day Supervision

  • Provision of Requisite Notices and Reports

  • Coordination and Implementation of All Activities Related To Local, State, and Uniform Relocation Act (URA) Requirements

  • Post Relocation Assessment

  • A La Cart Services Available Upon Request

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Project Wrap-Up

Detailed, accountable, through completion.

  • Submit moving/storage invoices, resident utility disconnection and reconnection fees, replacement housing payments and program opt out payments to the property.

  • Complete full audit of final relocation files against all relocation tracking spreadsheets and provide electronic copies of all close out documentation.

  • Provide ongoing consultation to owner until acquisition credits and lease up of new construction are complete. 

Project Wrap-Up
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Trust Your Relocation  To Experienced Professionals

Relocation is a huge project, and Dash and Dwell is equipped to handle it from start to finish. We will address any community concerns about the relocation of households and the demolition of housing units, or reluctance of long-term residents to move, with education, training, and individual assistance. This includes briefing residents, one-on-one meetings to establish comfortability and understanding of special needs for the move, planning the move, arranging temporary housing, facilitating moving company logistics, and finally, efficient return of resident to the renovated unit.

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